Next-Gen Drilling Technologies

Next-Gen Drilling Technologies


NESR Next-Gen Roya Drilling Services features high dog leg RSS, compact integrated LWD string, and high-speed telemetry MWD that is fully compatible.

High-DLS Rotary Steerable (RSS) Services

  • Hole sizes from 8 ¼” to 9 7/8”
  • Two-way downhole communications via wireless comms
  • One-RUN, One-BHA  V/C/L (Vertical/Curve/Lateral)
  • Autonomous Vertical control drilling
  • Inclination-hold and Azimuthal control autonomous drilling
  • Low-angle azimuthal control for sidetracks and well collision avoidance
  • Rotary and Motor driven compatibility
  • No LCM/Flow Rate/RPM Limits
  • Water and Oil based muds
  • Not dependent on back pressure
  • Near Bit continuous Inclination and Azimuth

Compact Integrated in-one-collar LWD Services

  • Hole sizes 5 7/8” to 9 7/8”
  • Superior statistical precision measurements
    • Resistivity
    • Azimuthal Gamma Ray
    • Spectral Ramma Ray
    • Neutron Porosity
    • Azimuthal Density
    • Photoelectric Effect
    • Ultrasonic Formation Imager
    • High-resolution borehole Caliper
  • Minimum Environmental Effects
  • High Definition Imaging
  • Fast download of memory data

Hi-Speed Telemetry Measurement While drilling (MWD) Services

  • Hole sizes from 5 7/8” to 17 ½”
  • High speed Telemetry designed for and integrated with Roya Services
  • Proven pulser track record for over 10 years in US Land
  • State-of-art digital electronics
  • High temperature, high pressure
  • Gamma Ray and Azimuthal Gamma Ray measurements
  • Continuous Inclination & Azimuth