About Us

About Us

National Energy Services Reunited Corp. (NASDAQ: NESR) is one of the largest oilfield services provider in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia (“MENA”) region.

NESR started out as special purpose acquisition corporation, SPAC, designed to invest in the oilfield services space globally in May 2017. In November 2017, NESR announced the acquisition of two most prominent oilfield services companies in the MENA region: Gulf Energy SAOC (GES) and National Petroleum Services (NPS). The formation of NESR as an operating entity was completed in June 2018, after the transactions were approved by Securities and Exchange Commission in United States and NESR shareholders respectively.

NESR is the first and only NASDAQ listed national oilfield services company in the MENA region. This is the first time a national oilfield services company will have the scale and access to technology to compete in most of the major markets in the region and provide a viable National alternative. We are already seeing tangible signs where the strength of each company is helping NESR to improve its market position.

Over the last decade, we have cultivated strong partnerships with our customers, key suppliers and technology partners in the MENA region and this will accelerate with our larger scale and exposure to North America. Our goals are to create local employment opportunities, significantly expand local manufacturing and be recognized as one of the best service providers in the region. NESR also brings together a diverse and strategic group of large institutional investors who recognize the potential of growth in the MENA region.

Our Values

Customer Centric

Customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do. We deliver fit for purpose technologies & solutions with best in class service.

Social Responsibility

Committed to developing local talent, economy, community, protecting environment and highest standards of Integrity.

People & Teamwork

People engagement, professional development, diversity and Health & Safety.

Our Group Companies

National Petroleum Services

Gulf Energy Services          

Our Awards

Most Promising Energy Value Creation United States IPO 2017

Excellence in Corporate Governance - Oil & Gas Industry USA, Oil & Gas Service Provider of the Year MENA