Open Platform for Innovation

NESR Oilfield Research & Innovation Center

NORI is a leading regional research and innovation center built on an open platform concept for collaboration with international, regional, and local innovators. Located in the city of Dhahran within DTV (Dhahran Techno Valley) in Saudi Arabia.

NORI's mission is to transform scientific research into applied innovations, while promoting a thriving local economy and reducing the industry's carbon footprint. With a focus on Decarbonization, Unconventional and Conventional reservoir development, chemistry, and operational intelligence.

Our Core Relies on Three Key Foundations


NORI's well-equipped team of scientists and engineers can develop and test ideas from concept to commercialization using cutting-edge facilities, including laboratories, testing facilities, design software, animation capabilities, and remote IT.


NORI collaborates with local and international innovators, academia, and energy companies to develop technologies that address industry challenges for a sustainable future and have regional and local relevance. By partnering with customers like Saudi Aramco and other regional energy companies,we are able to provide world-class research and innovation in-country, all while contributing to the economic growth and sustainability of the region.


NORI promotes localization in the energy sector of Saudi Arabia by supporting the growth of local SMEs and building local capacity for scientific research. This is aligned with the Saudi 2030 Vision and Aramco's IKTVA program.

Our commitment to decarbonization is reflected in the design of our facility, which is built to LEED requirements to minimize power and water consumption and reduce our impact on the environment. We incorporate renewable energy sources, water-saving solutions, and recycled materials to maintain optimum levels of safety and comfort while preserving resources.

NORI's Focus Areas

Decarbonization & Sustainability

NORI's dedicated labs and staff will be instrumental in launching NEDA projects for Saudi Aramco, as well as expanding NESR's range of technologies and services in Water (+Mineral) Recovery, Flare & Methane Abatement, Heat Capture & Geothermal, and Emissions Detection. NESR has developed this comprehensive portfolio through both organic research and key technology partnerships and investments, which NORI will build upon to enhance the company's offerings.

Unconventional & Conventional Reservoir Development

NESR has acquired a minority stake in W. D. Von Gonten Engineering LLC to enhance reservoir characterization and geological & geophysical analysis. This collaboration at Nori aims to maximize hydrocarbon recovery from unconventional and conventional reservoirs. The WDVG specialized rock lab evaluates cores for reservoir productivity enhancement and CCS projects. Additionally, joint efforts have led to the development of proprietary processes to enhance well performance in unconventional reservoirs.

Innovative Chemistry

NORI Chemical lab focuses on production, drilling, cementing, and stimulation chemicals, which are a significant part of the upstream service industry's innovation. The main goal is to address critical issues such as water control, lost circulation, zonal isolation, and unconventional reservoir fracturing and stimulation by developing custom sustainable and cost-effective fluid chemistry.

Operational Intelligence Lab (OI)

NORI aims to create a hyper-connected digital oil using OI/AI and sensor technologies to improve efficiencies, drive performance, and minimize carbon footprint. The OI Lab combines Intelie's expertise with NESR's operational capability to search for new industry applications and develop local OI/AI talent. It also provides a platform for local entrepreneurs to plug-in applications on top of Intelie's pre-built library of over 80 solution applications. One of our key offering is INTELIE LIVE, a complete operational AI platform that analyses real-time data to gain insights and optimize performance.