Pressure Control

With a full range of wellhead products, flow control equipment and frac equipment, we can provide safer and more efficient drilling and production. From pre-engineered products, to fully customized designs, we offer the latest technology for every application.

Reduce costs, minimize risk, and increase production even under the most demanding environmental challenges. Our reliable pressure control solutions not only allow you to perform at maximum capacity but also ensure greater safety while avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs over the life of your assets.


  • Drilling wellhead solutions
  • Production valves and trees
  • Integrated frac solution
  • Equipment installation services
  • Aftermarket services
  • Repairs and maintenance services
  • Rentals
  • Inventory management solutions
  • Engineering and design solutions

Equipment and Resources

  • Conventional wellheads
  • Un-conventional wellheads
  • Casing hangers
  • Drilling rental equipment
  • Lubricators
  • Casing cutters
  • Tubing hangers
  • Tubing head adapters
  • Christmas trees
  • Chokes
  • Lubricators
  • Greasing operations
  • Frac manifolds
  • Frac support services (torque and test units, greasing units, flushing units, accumulator operations, frac watch operations)
  • Hydraulic lubricators
  • Flowback operations