Integrated Project Concept

NESR Flare-to-Forest

Flare-to-Forest Concept

Upstream Decarbonization Through the Establishment of Multiple Circular Economies

The 'Flare-to-Forest' project aims to convert multiple waste streams from oilfield operations into valuable resources through a three-step process:

Step 1: Produced Water Treatment: This process follows the Circ Water Concept.

Step 2: Flare Gas & Waste Heat to Power Water Plant - Flare gas and/or reservoir heat is used to power the water treatment plant, which results in a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and water treatment costs. This step incorporates the Dual-Circularity concept.

Step 3: Mineral Recovery - Valuable salts and minerals are recovered from the treated water, which drives significant economic benefits. This step follows the Multi-Circularity concept. The project aims to produce multi-use freshwater, which can be utilized for oilfield and industrial purposes, as well as for planting trees, supporting agriculture and livestock, and even human consumption.

10 Year Project Life

Total CO2e benefit of $1.00+ per BBL of Treated Water Produced (@$100/ton CO2)

Emissions Reduction thru Flare Capture

Power the water trea tment facility through local flared gas, or open the capture network to nearby fields as part of a consortium to scale CO2e benefit with water plant size.