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Client Recognition & Awards

  • Aug

    NESR Qatar Recognized for Conducting a Successful Fishing Operation

    On August 2019, NESR Qatar was recognized for conducting a successful fishing operation via 2” Coiled Tubing. The job was to recover a stuck bridge plug from an offshore well. The stuck plug caused the well to remain shut-in.

    The job was conducted in two runs. The first run was done using MHA, Heavy Duty Impact Hammer, and flow release overshot. However, the plug could not be latched. In the second run, a modified BHA was carried out and allowed to latch onto the plug fishing neck, but the plug remained stuck. The NESR team then suggested flowing the well to use the fluid velocity to help collapse the plug slips. This approach worked and the plug was freed and brought to surface.

    This operation was the first coiled tubing operation for the client, who appreciated our achievement and recognized us for it.

  • Oct

    NESR Supervisor Awarded “Catch of The Week” Safety Award

    Scott Lamb, Coiled Tubing Field Supervisor, reported that the lock handles of the Coiled Tubing BOP had been used as tie off points to attach tag lines. The lock handles were secured with grub screws that are not suitable to pull at with tag lines as they may detach under strain. He immediately stopped the job and conducted a review and discussion with the relevant parties on lifting and rigging procedure. The job resumed once mitigation actions were put in place. The client was pleased and awarded Scott with the “Catch of The Week” safety award.

  • Apr

    NESR Recognized for Participating in an Environmental Campaign

    Qatar Green Building Council Recognized NESR for its participation in the "No Paper Day" campaign, which aims to raise environmental awareness and build a more sustainable future in Qatar. NESR's participation in the campaign underscores the company's commitment to environmental responsibility and positive social impact, two key pillars of NESR's ESG strategy.

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    Supporting Afghani Refugees

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