Hydraulic Fracturing

Optimized Operations & Engineering Solutions for Conventional & Unconventional reservoirs


We are a regional leader in conventional & unconventional fracturing operations. We offer fit-for-purpose services that cover the complete cycle from pre-intervention, Plug and Perf, fracturing, coiled tubing milling, and flowback testing.

We are backed by solid strategic partnerships with highly specialized North American companies that have extensive experience and long record of accomplishment. Our partnership with W.D. Von Gonten brings the industry leader in core properties evaluation and engineering consulting help us provide optimized reservoir and completion solutions to challenging problems.


  • Multi-zone conventional wells hydraulic fracturing
  • Multi-stage unconventional wells hydraulic fracturing
  • Extended-reach laterals hydraulic fracturing
  • Re-fracturing operations
  • Diversion technologies
  • Fracturing with CO2
  • Full laboratory capabilities and R&D (friction loop, HTHP fluid analysis, water analysis for  fluid systems)
  • Project management of multiple segments to enhance frac operations

Equipment & Technologies

  • Frac Trees and Tree Savers
  • Frac Manifolds, Zipper Manifolds and 15K Iron
  • 2500HP single Pump unit Cat 3512 Tier 2 Engine
  • 100 BPM Hydration Units
  • 120 BPM Blenders
  • Auto-Fueller Systems
  • Data Vans with Live data streaming MRL through web portal, VSAT satellite system 48 AI channels
  • Proppant Transport and Storage, Sand Belts
  • Wide portfolio of fluids for acid and proppant fracturing
  • Fracturing Design software