Drilling Fluids

Tailored Drilling Fluid & Waste Management Solutions for Every Project


We provide drilling fluid systems and related technologies to the oil and gas industry in accordance with international standards and regulations for both onshore and offshore projects.

Our provisions include all types of projects such as development drilling, exploration drilling, and HPHT drilling (high-pressure, high-temperature wells).


  • Drilling fluids chemicals, engineering & laboratory services
  • Drilling & completion fluid products
  • Environmental services including waste management

Equipment & Technologies

  • Drilling fluids testing laboratory (including all required testing equipment)
  • Mud coolers with accessories
  • Solid control equipment (decanter-centrifuge & shaker screens)
  • Completion fluids filtration units
  • Mud plants (mud pits, agitators, mixing hopper, shearing equipment)
  • Brine Plants