We have over 25 years of experience in primary and remedial cementing services across the Middle East, North Africa & Asia. As new technologies and techniques become routine, operators are demanding new approaches to well cementing. Exploring high pressure, high temperature, deep gas potentials and having to comply with stringent environmental regulations drives the need to continuously improve cementing systems and equipment designs.


  • Cementing equipment with complete automated density control capabilities
  • Large volume batch mixers allowing larger volume of slurries to be mixed and pumped at homogeneous density
  • Customized cement systems for specific applications (gas migration, ultra-light weight, flexible cement, HTHP slurries & self-healing cement)
  • Extensive database

Equipment and Resources

  • Complete API standard lab facilities for testing slurries and other fluids
  • Cementing units with Automatic Density Control
  • Offshore skids and trailer mounted pumping units
  • Stand-alone mixing skid
  • Twin & single cement pump trucks
  • Cement skid unit for offshore service
  • Cement heads/swedges
  • Batch mixers and accessories
  • Cement bulk plants
  • Cement bulk transporters

Case Histories

  • NESR Introduces a CO2 - Resistant Cement System in the Middle East