Well Testing Services

We offer integrated well testing services in the exploration, appraisal and development phases of oil and gas wells. Our aim is to provide newer, faster and more precise testing results though innovation and superior service quality.


  • Surface well testing onshore and offshore
  • Sand management
  • Burner boom stack for gas flaring
  • Smokeless burner
  • Multi-Phase Flow Meter (MPFM)
  • Zero-flaring packages
  • Early Production Facility (EPF)
  • Water treatment and filtration

Equipment and Resources

  • 1440 & 2160 HPHT separator units
  • 10K and 15K Sand filters
  • 10k Wellhead de-sander skids
  • Well testing integrated trailer packages
  • Smokeless burners
  • Flare stacks various heights and sizes
  • Offshore burner booms, 90 ft
  • Downhole and surface PVT sets
  • Radioactive and non-radioactive MPFMs