Production Assurance

NESR is equipped with a strong portfolio of production assurance chemicals to ensure that hydrocarbon production from specific reservoirs meet the desired production targets. This is achieved through strong collaboration with selected chemical companies and academic institutions and by establishing an in-house technical team of engineers and laboratory capabilities. We have demonstrated extensive experience in delivering reliable results, while working for some of the largest oil and gas operators in the MENA region. The design process and culture of operational excellence ensures that each customer receives customized and differentiated technical production assurance solutions specifically designed to solve their issues. Our approach enables our customers to achieve their production goals in an environmentally responsible manner.


  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • De-emulsifiers
  • Drag Reducing Agents (DRA)
  • Paraffin management
  • Asphaltenes management
  • Inorganic scales management
  • Scavengers

Equipment and Resources

  • Customer Technical Support (CTS) to resolve production or pipeline technical problems
  • Remote Monitoring for faster decision-making and safer work environments