Fishing and Remedials

Fishing and Remedials

Our comprehensive line of oilfield solutions address fishing requirements for your well, from milling, casing patches, workover projects, and abandonment and casing exit to open hole fishing. We have an experienced team of international and local experts from around the world who will offer you the perfect solution for your well problems, which can then be carried out by our expert field engineers.


  • Internal Catching Fishing
  • External Catching Fishing
  • Casing Exit
  • Abandonment and Remedials
  • Milling
  • Thru Tubing Fishing & Milling

Equipment and Resources

  • Fishing Tools
  • Stroking Equipment
  • Junks Retrieval
  • Milling Equipment
  • Casing Exit Equipment (Cased & Open Hole Whipstock)
  • Thru Tubing Equipment (Motors, Jars, Mills, fishing tools)
  • Plugs and Packers