Fishing and Downhole Tools

We provide the most innovative and reliable drilling tools and machine shop services for conventional and unconventional drilling applications.

Our manufacturing capabilities include manufacturing flanges, subs, pup joints, pony drill collars and all types of cross overs. We also have the provision of threading and repair services for the oil and gas industry including the re-cutting of tubing and casing, repair of drilling and production tubular and well heads.


  • Machine shop services
  • Well control equipment services
  • Thermal spray coatings
  • Hard banding
  • Internal catching fishing
  • External catching fishing
  • Casing exit
  • Abandonment and remedials
  • Milling operations
  • Fishing operations

Equipment and Resources

  • OTCG & center lathes
  • Slotting & milling machines
  • Hydraulic band saw
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing system
  • High velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) & electric arc spray units
  • Bucking units and power tongs
  • Fishing tools
  • Stroking equipment
  • Junks retrieval
  • Milling equipment
  • Casing exit equipment (cased & open hole whipstock)
  • Plugs and packers

Case Histories

  • Drill-N-Ream TM Technology Provides a Middle East Operator with Significant Rig Time Saving and Enhanced Wellbore Conditions