CEO's Message



It is with great pleasure and excitement that I would like to announce that National Energy Services Reunited is now an official and fully operational oil and gas service company. NESR was formed by combining two of the best regional service companies in the Middle East and North Africa regions. In fact, we are already seeing tangible signs where the strength of each company is helping NESR to improve its market position. I would first like to take this opportunity to thank all of the employees from NPS and GES for their hard work and contribution and welcome them to the NESR family. As we embark on this new chapter, I would like to share with you three primary business principles that guide everything we do:

1) Customer Centric: We understand the challenges of our customers and bring value-added solutions. This is the essence of NESR. We are a customer-focused service company that brings fit-for-purpose ideas, technologies and solutions to our clients. We take pride in providing the best services to our customers, we will deliver products and services that exceed industry standards. We want to be recognized as the best service company when it comes to service delivery.

2) Social Responsibility: We live and operate in the countries and have a clear role to play. We will employ the best talents, we will strive to increase our footprint in local manufacturing, utilizing the region resources and enhance the cooperation between the technology innovation centers and the local operations. We will ensure we do business in the most ethical way and in full compliance with international and national laws and regulations. Integrity is a key value to NESR and we will maintain our outstanding reputation by simply doing the right thing, all the time, every time. You can view our full Code of Conduct here.

3) People and teamwork: The motivation and dedication of our people are extremely important to NESR as we achieve our ambitions and growth plans. Our leadership team will continue to play an instrumental role in ensuring our employees are always put in situations where they can excel and deliver the best quality of service. We have now a bigger platform to share between segments and countries which means more career opportunities for the employees.

There is nothing more important than the safety of our employees, so operational excellence begins with safety leadership across all levels of the organization. As such, every NESR employee is fully empowered to stop any activity if the operating risk cannot be brought below acceptable and manageable levels.

As we progress through the remaining steps of our transaction, we will continue to share more information, however we are working very hard to make this merger as seamless as possible and minimize any disruptions to our operations and customers. As we move forward, we will continue to capitalize on the strengths of our now-combined company. We see an increasing number of opportunities in the MENA region and are in a market that is showing strong signs of recovery. This is a perfect time for NESR. As such, I am counting on each and every NESR employee for their passion and support in driving each of these business principles to make NESR a world-class service company.

Welcome to NESR. We look forward to building a strong and bright future together.

Sherif Foda
Chairman of the Board & CEO