CEO Letter to all Employees

At NESR, we do what is right. We are committed to acting with integrity in all we do, in compliance with both the letter and spirit of the law. Every person at NESR plays a vital role in fulfilling that commitment by behaving each day in a way that exemplifies our core values as we undertake our daily activities. This includes helping to foster an environment where we compete safely and honestly to deliver world-class service to our customers and always treat others with respect. Our commitment to integrity overlays the three primary business principles that guide everything we do at NESR:

Customer Centric

We understand the challenges of our customers and bring value-added solutions. This is the essence of NESR. We are a customer-focused services company that brings fit-for-purpose ideas, technologies and solutions to our clients. We take pride in providing the best services to our customers, and we deliver products and services that exceed industry standards. We want to be recognized as the best when it comes to service delivery.

Corporate Responsibility

We live in the countries where we operate, and we have a responsibility to play a positive role in developing local communities and employing sound environmental practices to minimize our environmental impact. We develop communities by creating lasting social value through investments and partnerships with local community players including NGOs, NPOs, and companies that share our values and ethical standards. We are dedicated to maximizing the employment of nationals in our local operations while maintaining fair hiring practices and promoting diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and assuring fair treatment and equal opportunities for everyone.

People and Teamwork

The motivation and dedication of our people are extremely important to NESR as we execute on our strategic plan. Our leadership team will continue to play an instrumental role in ensuring our employees are always put in situations where they can excel and deliver the best quality of service, which includes a diverse slate of employees working in a safe environment, free from harassment and disrespectful behavior.

At times, it can be difficult to identify the right course of action. In situations where additional direction is required, the Code of Conduct serves as a practical guide to help you make the right legal and ethical choices. Together with the policies and business practices referenced, the Code of Conduct highlights the important legal, ethical and regulatory requirements that govern our operations and provides guidance on how to report potential violations, because the actions that we take each day ultimately define NESR.

It is imperative that we all act in accordance with the Code of Conduct and uphold the highest level of integrity, and I thank you for your commitment to acting ethically and responsibly.

Sherif Foda
Chairman of the Board & CEO